We are currently developing an awesome lineup of industry leaders to present timely topics on business, arboriculture and safety! 

Below is our lineup from ArborEXPO ’24

ArborEXPO is pleased to showcase a talented, diverse, and powerful lineup of experts.

Mark Chisholm

Aspen Tree Expert

Hans Tielmann 

NJ Crane Expert

Ryan Torcicollo


Melissa LeVangie Ingersoll, MCA 

Women’s Tree Climbing Workshop

Jared Abrojena

Academy Trained

Jeffry Blackman

ArborMAX Insurance

Bill Burley 

Noble Oak, LLC 

Ed Carpenter

North American Training Solutions (NATS)

Matt Carruthers

North American Training Solutions (NATS)

Korey Conry

Mountain F. Enterprises, Inc.

Aaron Dickinson

Wonderland Tree Care

Tom Doherty

NIP Group

Chip Doolittle


Brian Fain

Ferguson & McGuire

Mark Garvin 

Rob Gorden

Arborjet | Ecologel

Jeff Harkness

Three Point Group 

Karen Hauck

North American Training Solutions (NATS)

Christopher J. Luley, Ph.D. 

Urban Forest Diagnostics, LLC 

Bob Lehman

Academy Trained