Here is what attendees and exhibitors had to say about ArborEXPO ’24

“Thanks, and GREAT job! From where I stood, it surely looked like a smashing success. You mentioned up front that this was a pretty new tradeshow and just beginning to take off, but from the look of the attendees, tradeshow, and program, it looked fully fledged to me. Thanks for allowing me to be part of it.”

— Michael Raupp, PhD, Speaker 

“Thank you all. Arbor Expo was the perfect venue to launch this new course and line of business. More great things to come. You all put on a great show and are delivering great value to the industry. Nice work and thank you for allowing me to contribute.”

— Bob Lehman, Academy Trained, Speaker 

“ArborEXPO ’24 definitely turned out to be a great success for First Fleet Truck Sales. We were able to connect with our existing customers and met some new customers as well. The show truck, to our surprise, SOLD at the show on the very first day, making this a ‘WIN-WIN’ situation for both buyer and seller. This is what it’s all about! First Fleet plans to be in attendance next year with a much larger presence.”

— J. Andy Olivera, First Fleet Truck Sales Inc., Exhibitor 

“Well, that was an awesome time and event! Happy I finally got to attend it, can’t wait for next year’s! Was lovely being able to put a face to the name and meet everyone.”

— Ryan Torcicollo, SavATree, Speaker 

“I just wanted to give a huge THANK YOU for all of your efforts during ArborEXPO. It was a great event with one-of-a-kind energy, and you’ve truly created a community. The hard work you put in doesn’t go unnoticed!”

— Amy Fine, SingleOps, Exhibitor 

“I just wanted to let you know that the show was amazing. Me and my son and one of my partners were there and it’s amazing. Congratulations.”

— Luis Diaz, Tree and Snow Removal Services, Attendee 

“OUTSTANDING JOB!!! Very well run. I attend a lot of education and computer expos and seminars. ArborEXPO was run as well, if not better, than many of them I attend. I got to talk to Sachin Mohan one-on-one a couple of times. And even though he was very busy with the show, he took the time to say hello and talk. Very impressed with everything.

— Duane Beyer, Arbor Monkey Tree Service, Attendee 

“My son is starting a part-time tree service business. I am 61 years old and looking to help him get started. We both got a lot of value out of the Expo.”

— Anonymous, Attendee 

­­­­­­­­­­­­“The show staff is always amazing and so helpful. I have never had an issue that lasted long or couldn’t be solved right away by the show staff. One of my favorite shows to exhibit at, personally.

— Alyssa Sondrini, Greenworks Tools,­ Exhibitor 

“It was great. Sachin was so attentive. Loved the personal touch. Everyone was so helpful.”

— Maria Maculaitis, Endor’s Arborist & Rope Supply, LLC, Exhibitor 

“Sachin was incredible checking in with us periodically. The carpet throughout the event was an amazing surprise. Normally it is all concrete, which is hard to be on for days on end. Great experience.”

— Forrest Lytle, Forrest Lytle and Sons, Exhibitor